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June and July 2023 fixes and updates

Bug Fix

While we're busy building out some new features, we've also been busy behind the scenes on some bugs and improvements:

  • Fixed issue relating to some databases not showing after Notion update
  • Fixed issue relating to database properties not showing on some sites after Notion update
  • Fixed empty database pages (not in the pages list or sitemap) being discovered and indexed by Google
  • Fixed ongoing issue with Twitter changes causing tweets not to show or take a long time to load
  • Fixed page level code affecting preview of another page in Dashboard Preview
  • Updated some of the Super Templates to support custom Theming
  • Updated and improved manual publishing speed and error handling on Pro plan
  • Added support for sub-items in database tables
  • Created new free themes to use on sites
  • Created video guides for Getting Started and Managing Pages - more to come!
  • And loads more little things!

Remember to add and vote for the things you need in Super, and if you encounter a problem, please reach out to support so we can help resolve it.


Team Super