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Super 2023 updates

New Feature

June 5, 2023 Mastodon footer icon support added


Super referrals

May 16, 2023


Super referrals is a long awaited feature that let's you earn credit on your Super account. Earn up to $6 in credit on your account for each friend you refer! Check it out now on the Super dashboard in the Account page > Referrals tab.





Improved manual publishing

May 9, 2023


We just launched some improvement updates to the Manual Publishing feature on Pro sites ⚡️

  • Faster publishing 🚀
  • Progress indicator ⏳
  • Clearer messaging 📣





Introducing Super 3.0

March 15, 2023


An all new dashboard, navbar dropdown lists, dark/light toggle, improved site design and more. After a year of work, we are excited to unveil the biggest update to Super yet. In this post we’ll dive deeper into all the new features and share a glimpse into what’s to come next.

 Learn more on our blog post here