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Super 3.1 Beta

New Feature

Today we’re super excited to unveil that we are starting to roll out the latest product update ⚡️


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What's new

🚀 Improved performance & SEO

📝 Improved page management

🆕 New sidebar menu

🗺️ Improved navigation

🗄️File and font upload


Technology upgrade

In this release Super sites are getting a significant update. This update is mostly related to the technology our sites runs on. Last year Next.js released a massive update to their framework which introduced a lot of big new features. These features include performance enhancements and enable platforms like Super to create features which were previously not possible. This update introduced new coding paradigms and migrating was a big task. We’ve been working on this migration in parallel to all the other updates released in the last year.


Release Schedule

  • Today you can access the new features on 
  • Today you can use the update button in the beta dashboard to move your site to this new version. We encourage you to upgrade your sites as soon as you can.
  • On April 15th the beta dashboard will be deployed to the main app
  • 2 weeks later all sites will be updated to the new version.
  • 4 weeks after that all remaining sites will be updated and we’ll be shutting down the old version.
  • All future features and bug fixes will be on the new version of sites.


Read more in our blog post: 


Video walkthrough of the new features


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