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Welcome to our new feedback platform! 👋



Welcome! We are delighted to introduce our new feedback platform and interactive roadmap! This initiative is aimed at increasing transparency about what we are working on and fostering better engagement with you, our community.


How to get involved

Our new Feedback platform enables you to submit and vote on ideas related to new features, existing features, bugs, and more. Sign in with your Super account and get started right away.


  1.  Log in with your Super account 🔌
  2. Submit your feature ideas ✅
  3. Upvote existing ideas from other users ⬆️


Feature implementation process

All new features added to Super will undergo the following process as a means of ensuring and maintaining a high standard of quality.


  1. 📝 Suggestion: Submit an idea to the idea page.
  2. ✅ Voting: If an idea becomes popular it will considered by the Super team.
  3. 🤔 Consideration: The Super team then explores the idea for suitability, timing, and value.
  4. 🗓️ Planning: Approved ideas are outlined, and an execution plan is created and shared.
  5. 📏 Design: Our designers explore the best implementation and create a prototype.
  6. 🚧 Design validation: The design undergoes usability testing (with real users)
  7. 🔧 Development: After refinements, the feature is implemented into a beta environment.
  8. 🚧 Beta and usability testing: The new feature is tested again by the Super team and a handful of users to find and eliminate any bugs and make final improvements.
  9. 🚀 Launch: After the final stage of testing, the new feature is released publicly. This includes preparing marketing assets, writing guides and updating our docs.


Changelog, updates and announcements

From now on, all updates including big and small will be documented and shared on the announcement page. This will cover bug fixes, improvements and new features.


Team Super