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    Welcome πŸ‘‹ Please read before submitting!

    We are thrilled to provide you with a new dynamic and engaging way to explore our plans and progress, as well as giving you a space share your own ideas and have your say on the future of Super. This new platform makes it easy to navigate requested and upcoming features, vote on their value, and track their progress. Submission guidelines Firstly, please check that the idea you are submitting has not already been submitted by searching for it. In order to keep the idea board clean and focused, we expect submissions to meet the following requirements: Make sure your idea title is clear and specific e.g. "Make it so that I can have my website in two languages" should become "Multi-language Support" Write a concise rationale explaining why the feature is needed and how you would use it Add images and links to help explain your idea Assign a category Choose from the list of topics at the bottom of your post. New Feature: Something entirely new added to the Super app Styling and Customization: Additional options in the site design/theme system Integration: Connection with an external/third-party tool Notion Compatability: Creating support for a Notion feature Improvement: Improving upon an existing Super feature Our team is committed to delivering the best experience possible, and we hope this roadmap helps you stay informed and excited about what’s to come. Thank you for joining us on this journey and we look forward to seeing your ideas ⚑️

    Josh Millgate
    #Welcome πŸ‘‹


  2. Robots.txt file (Being able to Update)

    This is certainly a tremendous component to building and scaling an effective site. When it comes to SEO, this needs to be a capability of accessing the robots file to certainly unblock anything. At this time (when I run an audit on my domain) many of the script resources are being blocked (which if you're able to solve here, then super can definitely be a direct competitor to even the likes of a WIX)

    Red Leaf from Oak P
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature ✨#Integration πŸ”—


  3. Native Forms

    Notion does not have forms and so we use a third party tool like notionforms or chilipepper to have forms on our notion pages that go straight to the notion databases... but it would be awesome if we could have forms in super instead of in a third party tool.

    Connex D
    #New Feature ✨


  4. Line and paragraph spacing

    It would be great if, among the other typography options we already have, we could adjust the line spacing (the space between each line of text, regardless of font size) and paragraph spacing (the gap between each paragraph) to enhance readability on any font we choose. Helpful for any website with a lot of writing, including blogs and creative people who write stories. Unfortunately, with many fonts in Super, I feel like the lines of text are spaced too closely to each other, as well as the paragraph breaks which make it harder to distinguish each paragraph. Few fonts, such as Crimson Text, are exceptions but do not provide the feel for my website that I want.

    Samuel S
    #New Feature ✨#Styling & Customization 🎨


  5. Timeline View Support

    Notion comes with a great timeline view - perfect for project planning. This database view, however, isn't supported in Super (timelines appear as a blank page). It'd be great to be able to share timelines using the beautiful layout and UX of Super.

    null n
    #Notion Compatibility 🀝


  6. Add a TXT record to a Superso domain.

    Recent adds from GPT 4o new UX when adding a proper domain to our profile. To verify ownership of stephane.bio, navigate to your DNS provider and add a TXT record with this value: openai-domain-verification=dv-W3LyXyqRUIbWQurnqNqe9etY Then, check the record to complete the verification.

    Cyan Car from P
    #Improvement πŸ‘


  7. Calendar view improvements

    Clicking on a date without events displays the normal bottom window, clicking on a date with events redirects to the failure page. Regardless of whether or not there are events for that date , the window appears at the bottom when I click on it, which is exactly what I want. You can try it in the "Events Calendar" view of this page: https://monad.news/

    null n
    #Improvement πŸ‘


  8. Multi-language support

    It would be great if you could offer to have a great experience for someone like me who offers a web page to users in different countries. I have translations of my pages in notion, but it’s currently not a great user experience to expose these to users. Some of my pages are translated, some of them are not (so there’s a fallback to English).

    Frederik R
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature ✨


  9. Advanced filtering and sorting options for databases

    It would be great for users to be able to select multiple filters on databases, rather than simply selecting from pre-built views, and also for them to be able to sort database items by any field.

    Will S
    #New Feature ✨#Styling & Customization 🎨#Notion Compatibility 🀝


  10. Custom 404 pages

    The ability to customize the 404 page on your Super site.

    Josh Millgate
    #New Feature ✨


  11. Authentication/Membership Feature

    I am aware of the third tool option, with MemberSpace in my case. I tried it but I found it a little bit technical. I think it would be a very nice improvement to add a membership feature as simple to apply as the password protection.

    Uriel Z
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature ✨


  12. Load more/pagination on databases

    In case your database has more than 100 items, the ability to have a load more button to show the others items of the database (ie, from 101 to 200 and so on). Thanks

    null n
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature ✨


  13. Advanced footer

    With the option to create nested menu lists as in the top menu. Ability to add custom text and links that do not belong to the navigation like Privacy Policy or Terms

    #Improvement πŸ‘#Styling & Customization 🎨


  14. Native Buttons

    We need a button, not a colored background that interacts when you click

    null n
    #New Feature ✨


  15. Exclude Pages from Site Search

    I would like to use the search function on my site, but right now the function unfortunately also shows up pages as search results that either I do not want users to actually browse (like the CMS database page, which I did not add to Super, but the search still shows it) or that are irrelevant for the search. It would be neat to have a "Exclude page from search" checkbox available in the page settings to make that work. On the personal tier, you could at least exclude obviously irrelevant pages from the search this way. When on the pro tier, I could then add the CMS database page to Super and redirect or 404 it, plus exclude it from the search function.

    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature ✨#Notion Compatibility 🀝